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3101 Gillham Plaza
Kansas City, MO 64109

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Pastor: Ben
Administrator: Heather
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3101 Gillham Plaza
Kansas City, MO 64109


Bridgeport is a missional, empowered evangelical church in the heart of Kansas City. Our greatest desire is to inspire love for Jesus and love for one another through the spiritual journey of discipleship.

Bridgeport meets Sundays at 10:00 AM at 3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri.

We are connected relationally with numerous churches in the Kansas City region and operate with a senior pastor-led team of elders, trustees, and staff.


Think Orange Curriculum

Based on Jesus' Great Commandment, the concepts of WONDER, DISCOVERY and PASSION help emphasize how someone's relationship with God ultimately affects the way they understand themselves and their mission in life. 


The WONDER of a loving Creator who pursues restoration of a broken world.

First Look incites wonder in the hearts of toddlers and preschoolers, helping them embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination. 


Designed so that each child will grow up believing that: God made me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Built on the basic components of: 

The Bible Story

First Look introduces preschoolers to key Bible stories that help them discover God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

The Bottom Line

The key concept for the month.  It's short.  It's catchy.  Preschoolers will walk away saying their biblical truth over and over again.

The Key Question

A question to ask to confirm preschoolers know the bottom line.  Were they listening?

The Memory Verse

It's the biblical foundation for the bottom line and something that preschoolers will repeatedly hear, see and say.

Get Connected at Home

Every month a Parent Cue card is available for parents to pick up outside the classroom.  They are also posted on the Kingdom Kids Facebook group.  These cards give parents a summary of the lesson and suggestions of things they can easily do with their preschooler during the rhythm of their week. 

Every week the preschool class makes a craft that emphasizes a key point in the lesson.  They work really hard on these projects during class, so please be sure to pick them up when checking your child out.  Ask your child about their craft, how they made it and what it means, to reinforce the lesson at home.


The DISCOVERY of a living Savior who gives His life so those who trust in Him can be rescued.

252 Basics provokes discovery and invites elementary students (K-5th grade) to a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus.

Designed to shape identity through planting these truths in the heart of every elementary-age child (based on Luke 2:52): I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, I should treat others the way and I want to be treated. 

Built on the basic components of: 

The Bible Story

The story of God reveals the character of God.  That's why Orange curriculum is organized around key Bible stories and biblical principles that help kids discover Jesus and reflect His character to the world around them.

The Life App

Every month introduces a new life app to help kids discover more about God's character and make it crystal clear that what they're hearing applies to their everyday lives.

The Bottom Line

It's a short phrase that unpacks the life app and is so easy to remember it can be reinforced at home throughout the week.

The Memory Verse

It ties everything together, lays a biblical foundation, and reminds a child to connect it all back to Scripture. 

Get Connected at Home

Every month a Parent Cue card is available for parents to pick up outside the classroom.  They are also posted on the Kingdom Kids Facebook group.  The card gives parents a summary of the lesson and suggestions of things they can easily do during mealtime, drivetime, bedtime and hangtime to reinforce the ideas. 

Each week a God Time card is also available when you check your child out.  The God Time cards offer four days of devotional-type activities for your child to develop a personal relationship with God and reinforce that lesson's key concepts. is a fun, kid-focused website filled with cues to help families grow in faith and character. Based on Moses’ teaching in Deuteronomy 6, offers resources to help families connect at strategic times of the day—MorningTime, MealTime, DriveTime and BedTime—to help reinforce key biblical concepts through music, videos and activities.  Please email for a login and password. 

Studio 252 Live provides a solution for kids who have to miss a Sunday, so be sure to check out weekly videos about the month's life app.  It makes it easy for the whole family to have fun! 

The Parent Cue Online is an amazing resource from Think Orange for parents who need to "do family better."  There are blogs, podcasts, videos and more about raising Christian kids today.  And for a mobile solution, look for the Parent CUE App available for iPhone, iPad or Android. 

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Bridgeport has a private group (invite only) for parents to access important information about the themes and Parent Cue cards for each month and upcoming events.  We also post ideas on how to connect with your child each week to strengthen their understanding of and relationship with God.  Please email to be invited to the group. 


Follow Bridgeportkingdomkids to view adorable photos of your children every week, depicting the fun times we have in Kingdom Kids.  You can see the activities your kids participate in and learn about the spiritual significance behind each activity.  Request to follow us today!