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Sunday – 10:30 AM Children’s Ministry available (1-12 year olds)

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TONIGHT! Bridgeport Backyard BBQ Spectacular – August 17!
Enjoy loads of fun and food at our monthly all-church barbeque. Meat is provided, but feel free to bring a...
WHEN: Sat. Aug. 23rd at 10am Meet us at Nelson Atkins Art Museum on Saturday morning as we dive in...
Location: Crow’s Creek Campground, Smithville Lake When: Fri. September 5th – Sat. 6th Cost: $20/Individual $25/Family (covers campsite, BYO food...
September 15 RSVP HERE BUY TICKETS HERE. JOHN MARK MCMILLAN www.johnmarkmcmillan.com/tour www.facebook.com/JohnMarkMcMillan ARE WE ALL ANIMALS TOUR - TIME: 7:00pm...

Welcome to Bridgeport Church,

   Welcome to the Bridgeport Church website. Bridgeport began in the winter of 2009 with a group of people bound together by the desire to see an authentic expression of the Body of Christ in the heart of the city. The church began to take shape quickly with families and individuals representing all four corners of the KC metro area.
   Our greatest desire and guiding passion is to be a spiritual family in genuine community with one another, walking in the fulness of God’s purpose for the Church.
   What does it mean to truly follow Jesus? What is God doing in this generation? How do we grow into spiritual maturity and see the dreams God has put in our hearts come to pass?
   We believe the spiritual life is an outworking of these types of questions and the tensions woven into our lives that define our quest and struggles. And our desire as spiritual family is to lay down our lives for one another to see these questions answered in the glorious light of God’s redemptive purposes.
   Thank you for taking the time to look around our site. We would love to have you join us on a Sunday morning. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the church.
   And may you be filled with the knowledge of God’s love and affection for you today.